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Our History:
Aims Community Church grew out of a desire to have a Sunday School in the Aims area. In 1939 Clara Baker, with the help of a missionary from American Sunday School Union, organized a small group that began meeting in the Aims School house. Time passed and as attendance grew a new church building was built. Our "old church" was dedicated in October of 1960 and was used to meet weekly until October of 1995 when our "new church" was dedicated. We have been blessed over the years with leadership and community and we are looking forward to how God will bless us as we continue to serve and worship Him.
We believe:
in the inspired, inerrant, authoritative Word of God as recorded in the original           manuscripts.
in the eternal existence of God revealed in three Persons.
in the incarnation through His virgin birth and the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ;
in His substitutionary and atoning death providing redemption through His shed     blood;
in His bodily resurrection, ascension, exaltation into Heaven, and present     mediatorial High Priestly office.
in the Person and work of the Holy Spirit;
in our Lord’s personal, visible return and in His ultimate Kingdom and reign;
in the dignity of human life as created by God, in His image.
that all men, apart from Christ are separated from God because of sin and are in     need of salvation.
that individuals may be restored to a correct relationship with God by believing in     Jesus Christ as Savior.

Aims Community Church is located in a rural setting in the Aims area between Corbett and Sandy, Oregon. We're about 15 minutes from Sandy or Corbett and a 20-25 minute drive to Gresham, but most people commute to the Portland area for their employment. The church has a long history of 70 plus years. We have two church buildings and a parsonage. One is a more conventional church building and the second one is a multi-purpose building. The church body is made up of young children, some teens, a few young married couples, a good number of families, empty nesters, and retired folks. We have a variety of programs including a mid-week children’s program, VBS, Sunday School, Sunday morning service, a weekly Bible study, Youth group, church Fellowship times, and other ministries in the church.
Our Story:
Our Beliefs: