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Special Announcement
On behalf of the elders, please read and pass on this important message
 for members and regular attenders of Aims Community Church:

Dear Aims Community Church Family,

    There will be no Sunday School or Church Services or church events for an undermined amount of time.

    Look for additional announcements on how we will be responding to the threat of the Corona Virus in the coming days.

    What we know about the Corona Virus is that we don’t know enough about the Corona Virus. The vast majority of people will have flu-like symptoms. But comparisons to the flu are unhelpful. The Corona Virus appears to be much more contagious and far more dangerous than the flu, particularly for the elderly and those with complicating health issues.

    Early actions to prevent the spread of the disease are essential. Our local, state, and national governments are taking unprecedented steps to control the spread of this virus. As an elder board, we believe it is wise to participate in those efforts.

    That means two things:

        1. We each must practice good hygiene. Wash your hands regularly in hot, soapy water for an extended amount of time.

        2. We each must practice social distancing. That means limiting our interactions with other people.

    These are unprecedented days for a lot of us. We encourage you to have faith. As one pastor said it, “At this moment, when so many are experiencing deep fear and anxiety, we have the opportunity to be the non-anxious presence of Jesus by caring for one another and praying faithfully for our city and the world.”

In Christ,
Glenn Austin
Pastor, Aims Community Church, on behalf of the Elder Board of Aims Community Church